Wireworm Survey Kits

The Montana State University Extension Entomology program has worked with grower-cooperators every year from 2011 to the present on a statewide wireworm survey, gathering data on wireworm species distribution around the state. Your input will be mutually beneficial to you and to the wireworm research program at MSU. We will identify wireworms that you collect from your traps, and will send you a report with information and recommendations. The data from your fields will contribute to a clearer picture of which wireworm species are distributed in Montana’s croplands.

Cooperating producers will receive, through their county extension offices, one or more “wireworm survey kits” (one kit per field). Each kit contains an instruction sheet, materials for ten solar bait stations to attract wireworms, a grower data sheet, and a vial of alcohol to preserve specimens for counts and species identification.

wireworm trap kit

For more information, contact:

Kevin Wanner
Extension Entomology
56 Marsh Laboratories
1911 W. Lincoln Ave
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT